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Sustainability and
energy efficiency


The revolution in building is green. Hydro CIRCAL, a range of low-carbon aluminium products, is the ideal material for obtaining the highest marks for certificates that, like LEED or BREEAM, evaluate the environmental sustainability of buildings. Today, Hydro CIRCAL is used for the construction of entire buildings. This is possible due to the fact that complete enclosures can be created from recycled aluminum. But what are the different options for recycling aluminium?

• RECYCLABLE ALUMINUM. The entire aluminum industry can tell you: all aluminum is potentially recyclable. But primary aluminum is still widely used, or mixtures of primary and post-consumer recycled aluminum.

• PRE-CONSUMER RECYCLED ALUMINUM. Recycled scrap obtained from cutting and extruding aluminium bars. This avoids more waste, but does not reduce the carbon footprint, as we re-melt aluminium that has not yet become a product.

• POST-CONSUMER RECYCLED ALUMINUM. Aluminium that, after having been a useful product for 30 or 40 years, is recycled and brought back into the loop.

Energy efficiency

Near-Zero-Energy-Buildings (NZEB) have very high levels of energy efficiency. They demand little or no energy, which is largely obtained from renewable sources, generated within the structure of the building itself, or in its immediate surroundings.

Our philosophy is to minimize the environmental impact in all our production processes, optimizing any use of energy, in order to maintain our commitment to society for another 30 years.